All Members - Please Read - A note re the moderation team

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All Members - Please Read - A note re the moderation team

Postby CatfightConnection » Sat Sep 17, 2016 10:54 am

The moderation team has come under increasing pressure over a period of time to take action on issues which do not warrant it.

We will not intervene to settle random member squabbles or disputes, we wont ban a user, block a thread or delete a post because one or two users may not like it or think it inappropriate so please think a moment before asking for moderator action.

We will intervene and assist in the following circumstances...

#1 - where you have a technical issue
#2 - where there are posts /chats / messages that are threatening, intimidating or amount to bullying.
#3 - where there is a potential issue of legality
#4 - where there is a case of persistent harassment or baiting
#5 - in instances where moderator discretion is applied
#6 - where there is a breach of forum rules
#7 - where a post amounts to off topic spam
#8 - where a user attempts by whatever means to destabilise the site

Further, if you ask for a user to be banned or a thread to be blocked or deleted, please give us evidence to do so...i.e The link to the thread, a transcript of the chat (we can check this) or a copy of the private message (we will check this too so make sure you don't delete it!). We will not act on anything that users report happened outside this forum (eg on YIM or MSN and so on)

Please also note that moderator action is not be called into question or negatively debated or discussed in the open forum or chat areas. If you have an issue with any of the moderation team or think you need to bring attention to an activity, you should contact me directly.

Attacking or flaming a moderator for their action or inaction is completely unacceptable. By all means, enter into a civilized discussion with a moderator as to why they did / did not act on an issue but persistent questioning and / or personal abuse will not be accepted be it direct or implied, and will result in a ban from the site

Lastly, the moderation team is here to help and will do so. Please do contact us if you have a genuine issue.


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